Zarakynel - Keeper of Secrets

Zarakynel, also known as the "Bringer of Torments," the "Souleater," the "Unholy One" and the "Angel of Despair," is a Keeper of Secrets -- a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh -- and a legendary enemy of the Aeldari.


Of all Slaanesh's unholy servants, the name of Zarakynel is revered above any other Keeper of Secrets. Summoned from the darkest recesses of the human psyche, Zarakynel was bestowed Daemonhood as Slaanesh's perfect creation. Known also as the "Souleater" amongst the Asuryani Farseers, Zarakynel is the physical representation of Mankind's repressed emotions of jealousy, sadistic pleasure and carnal desire. This potent mix contributed to the creation of the Dark Prince's most feared and prolific daemonic killer.

The name of Zarakynel is written large in the Ordo Malleus' Grimoire of True Names, ever since the Sherilax incursion, when the Pleasure Cults of Sherilax rose up in violent rebellion against the repression of the Planetary Governor. The sadistic violence of the cult members pleased their God greatly, and he cast forth his Angel of Desire to lay ruin to the planet. Led by Zarakynel the Chaos Cultists ultimately overran the Governor's palace, and the fate of the defenders was too horrific to contemplate.

Zarakynel is also well known to the Farseers of the Aeldari race. Aeldari legends speak of Zarakynel preying upon their species several times throughout their long and troubled history. The Greater Daemon has ravaged several Exodite worlds on multiple occasions, slaughtering their kin and feasting upon their Spirit Stones, condemning them to eternal torment at the whims of her dark patron Slaanesh. At one point in her history she crossed paths with Iskandar Khayon, as well as his Drukhari companion Nefertari. Nefertari was mortally wounded in the fight, and Iskandar used his psychic powers to defeat Zarakynel in his rage. Though Khayon was unable to permanently kill her, she was badly injured to the point where she was taken out of action for more than a Terran millennia.


In battle, Zarakynel wields the dreaded daemonic weapon called Souleater, a long slender daemonic blade of terrible power, which thirsts for souls of the innocent.


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