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The Inquisitorial Rosette of the Imperial Inquisition.

The Xenos Hybris is a Radical conspiracy of Inquisitors within the Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition that believes that Mankind must learn from the achievements and mistakes of alien races, and that only by cooperation and mutual understanding can both human and alien survive the galaxy's myriad threats.

The Xenos Hybris is confined to the Calixis Sector and the Inquisitors who operate within it, but it is representative of a profusion of minor factions and concerns that are focused on the lure of greater wisdom and potential offered by the alien.

It is also typical of a lesser Radicalism within the Inquisition born of the revelatory belief of a few; Xenos Hybris exists as a consequence of the danger of Mankind's ignorance and intolerance of the alien that those within the faction believe that only they can see clearly.

The number of Inquisitors who cling to the Xenos Hybris beliefs are few, but they pursue their goal of human-alien advancement with blind focus that may well create a catastrophe before it achieves the faction's ends.

Agents of the Hybris delve into the long-dead secrets of aliens who once walked among the stars of the Calixis Sector, court xenophile Hereteks to produce hybridised xenos-human technology, and kill any who stand in their way. Though most Hybris Inquisitors have a scholarly nature, they are still ruthless fanatics who are single-minded in the rightness of their cause.

Most Hybris Inquisitors, of course, exist within the Ordo Xenos, but they do also have adherents from both the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus. For the most part, these Inquisitors of other ordos are concerned with what alien lore can be brought to bear to combat the daemons of the Warp and with understanding how to bring unity to the fractured Imperium of Man.


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