Aeldari Wraithguard

A squad of Aeldari Wraithguard

The Aeldari Wraithguard are not living warriors; they are artificial robotic constructs created from the complex psycho-plastic material crafted by the Asuryani of the Craftworlds known as Wraithbone. Each Wraithguard has a Spirit Stone containing the soul of an elite Aeldari warrior that was drawn out of the Infinity Circuit of a Craftworld.

Wraithguard are smaller in size than Wraithlords, and carry a weapon known as a Wraithcannon which is a short-range, but potent weapon capable of opening a small rift into the Warp which sucks the target, or pieces of the target, within the Immaterium.

When used against infantrymen, the result is invariably fatal. Due to their Wraithbone construction, Wraithguards can suffer damage that would cripple, or even kill, a living Aeldari warrior and still continue to fight, making them useful in situations that would be suicide for living soldiers.

They see through the Warp using what is known as "Wraithsight" but as the Warp is a tumultuous place, Wraithguards often have trouble discerning the true nature of realspace and so can find themselves blinded and unable to function effectively. Because of this tendency Wraithguard are often led into battle by Warlocks who help to guide them.

Only in times of great need are the Asuryani dead stirred from their slumber in the Infinity Circuits and brought to battle. The Aeldari Craftworld Iyanden fields more Wraithguards and Wraithlords than any of the other Aeldari Craftworlds, due to the heavy losses Iyanden suffered during the invasion of the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken. They even have specially trained psykers, known as Spiritseers, to aid the dead warriors during battle. These, however, are viewed by other Eldar as little more than necromancers.


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