A schematic of a Craftworld Aeldari Wraithcannon

A Wraithcannon is a Craftworld Aeldari Vortex Weapon that is basically a smaller, more portable version of the D-Cannon.

Wielded by a Wraithguard and powered by the psychic energy of its Spirit Stone, the Wraithcannon opens a small, temporary rift from realspace into the Warp that tears apart its target through the unleashing of potent gravitic forces and then swallows the remains. The Wraithcannon is often used as a potent anti-armour weapon against otherwise difficult to penetrate targets.

However, unlike the D-Cannon, the rift created by the Wraithcannon's is more tightly controlled and its effects more accurate. A Wraithcannon is considered such a diabolical weapon by the Aeldari that no mortal could wield it because it draws upon so much psychic energy. Only the spirits of the dead within the Wraithguard can effectively wield its power.


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