The World Spirit is the sentient, animistic entity comprised of pure psychic energy that serves as the spiritual heart of every Exodite World that belongs to the Eldar Exodites. It is a psychic gestalt composed of the collective souls of every Eldar who died on that planet and is very similar in form and function to the Infinity Circuits of the Craftworlds. When an Exodite on one of these worlds dies, his or her soul is immediately drawn to or ritualistically joined with the World Spirit before it can be devoured in the Warp by She Who Thirsts. The World Spirit, like a Craftworld's Infinity Circuit, actually has a physical locus on the planet, in this case a global grid of stone menhirs, obelisks and stone circles that are scattered across the world and all crafted from psychoactive crystal. These regions are considered sacred by the Exodites and can be used by any psychically-active member of the Eldar race to commune with the World Spirit, though this interaction is normally only undertaken by a trained Farseer.


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