Genestealer Cult Atalan Jackals ride their Atalan Wolfquads amd dirtcycles into battle.

A Wolfquad, also known as an Atalan Wolfquad, is a four-wheeled Imperial light vehicle common to many worlds across the galaxy. Atalan vehicles like this are typically shipped to civilian mining corps by the Departmento Munitorum for the purposes of locating and claiming resources, before high-level agents of the Genestealer Cults that infest many Imperial worlds disguised as miners and labourers ensure they end up in the hands of their Neophyte Hybrids who serve the cult as the outriders known as Atalan Jackals.

Each Atalan machine is built to run for solar decades or even Terran centuries. It has much to recommend it: a robust frame and a shock absorbing suspension array; an engine that can run on multiple fuel types; and the capacity to mount stowage, recovery tools and auxiliary equipment without loss of efficacy.


An Atalan Jackal of the Genestealer Cults riding an Atalan Wolfquad armed with a Mining Laser.

Atalan Wolfquads, being larger and having more raw power than their other Atalan-grade counterpart, the two-wheeled dirtcycle, carry destructive tools of industry and construction. Mining Lasers, Seismic Cannons and Atalan Incinerators enable the Wolfquads' riders to support their more nimble fellows in mining expeditions, as well as in battle. With such tools at its disposal, an Imperial mining corp's reach is long enough to find new sites with which to feed the endlessly hungering planetary networks of the Imperium.

On almost every Industrial, Forge or Agri-world, Atalan-branded machines can be found -- much like the ubiquitous Lasgun, they are cheap to manufacture, highly durable and easy to repair. They have become well-respected workhorses across the industrialised elements of Mankind's realm, especially in fringe regions and Sectors Fronteris. It is also for these reasons, unfortunately, that they are favoured by those cults who would spread the Genestealer's Curse to every world of the Emperor's domain.


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