Asuryani Wave Serpents of Craftworld Saim-Hann deliver their precious cargoes into battle.

The Wave Serpent is an anti-gravitic, armoured personnel carrier based on the same design as the Falcon. It is the standard armoured infantry transport vehicle of the Craftworld Aeldari.

Armed with twin-linked shuriken catapults and another set of twin-linked heavy weapons, usually Bright Lances, the Wave Serpent is capable of carrying up to ten Asuryani warriors to the battlefield in the expanded passenger compartment.


An Asuryani Wave Serpent

The Wave Serpent's energy field projectors generate a rippling bow wave of force at the front of the craft that disrupts incoming fire, protecting the vehicle while it makes its assault run to the front lines.

This force-field can be projected outwards as a weapon in extremis, although doing so depletes the crystal batteries to such a degree that the vehicle will be shorn of its protective field for a considerable amount of time.

The grav-tank's powerful anti-grav engines give it speed enough to hurtle across a battlefield in seconds, which, combined with its powerful array of heavy weaponry, makes the Wave Serpent a superb asset to an Asuryani warhost in all theatres of war.


There are many ways in which an Autarch can deploy grav-tanks, and each craftworld has been known to use a variety of different vehicle tactics and even special armour formations. While all craftworlds have been known to utilise Wave Serpents to deliver Aspect Warriors to battle, none have perfected the art like the Swordwind -- the warhosts of Craftworld Biel-Tan.

A battery of Night Spinners is always formidable on a battlefield, but even more so when deployed by the ambushing forces of the Alaitoc craftworld, the true masters of dealing long-ranged death to unsuspecting foes.

In the largest of conflicts, all Asuryani craftworlds field massed squadrons of grav-tanks alongside the immense constructs known as Aeldari Titans, but those who do so most often are the Aeldari of the Yme-Loc craftworld. Regardless of a craftworld's distinctive practices, a wise Autarch must know best when and how to field their Engines of Vaul.


Aeldari Lexicon rune of the Wave Serpent.

The rune of the Wave Serpent in the Aeldari Lexicon combines many aspects: the pronged attack, the crushing tide and the writhing snake.

Skilfully avoiding enemy fire whilst bringing destruction of its own, the Wave Serpent delivers its cargo of warriors to battle without fear.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical Specifications

Serial Number Unknown Main Armament Twin-linked Bright Lances
Designation Troop Carrier
Vehicle Codename Wave Serpent Secondary Armament Twin-linked shuriken catapults
Vehicle Type Grav-Tank
Crew 1 Pilot Traverse Unknown
Weight 10 tonnes Elevation Unknown
Length 11.25 metres Ammunition 4000 rounds
Width 7.31 metres Armour Type 10-15 millimetres, unknown materiel to Adeptus Mechanicus
Height 3.62 metres
Max Recorded Speed 320 kilometres per hour
Summary: Troop Transport; holds ten


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