"By your will, Fio'Ui. The relief seems to depict iconography relating to the gue'la religion. I shall remove the panel for further study. Work-brother, pass me the fusion cutter...there, that should... [sound of rapid laser fire, then static]."

—Intercepted Earth Caste communication

Deathwatch Chapter badge.

Watch Station Skapula is a Deathwatch space station, abandoned long ago, that orbits the barren world of Skapula in T'au space in the Jericho Reach. While deactivated, the station is protected by automated defences that are still operational in spite of the time the watch station has spent empty.

The T'au are interested in the station, believing it to have some religious purpose that could be significant to understanding the Gue'la mindset.

Human Gue'vesa pioneers led by Earth Caste archaeologists have tried to examine and enter the watch station, but the automated defences have held them off in spite of spirited attempts to understand and deactivate them.

Skapula could prove a hugely valuable asset for the Imperium. It possesses highly advanced technology and is even capable of short Warp jumps, making it extremely useful as a jumping-off point for Deathwatch operations against the T'au's Velk'Han Sept.

A mission to capture the station from the T'au and reactivate it is surely on the Deathwatch's agenda for operations in the Jericho Reach.

However, during the last years of the 41st Millennium, the T'au have been losing warriors planet-side. What has happened to these missing Fire Warriors and Pathfinders is unknown, but the number of missing has been steadily increasing.

The commanders of the T'au forces have kept this quiet, only conferring on the matter with the Ethereal in charge of the expedition.

Almost all of the warriors that have vanished disappeared in remote locations while alone or separated from their comrades. All T'au patrols have been advised to be especially vigilant while conducting operations and to look for any suspicious activity.

The sensors of the watch station have detected intense seismic activity along the equatorial band of Skapula. These geological fluctuations include massive bursts of radiation that flare to life and vanish completely after only twenty-to-thirty solar seconds.

There have been no T'au in the vicinity of these readings. Master of the Forge Xerill of the Dead Cabal is on record for wanting to investigate the matter further, but the planet must first be reclaimed.


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