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Watch Station Midael was a watch station of the Deathwatch located in the Jericho Reach.

Watch Station Midael was ultimately lost to the expansion of the Warp rift known as the Hadex Anomaly when it consumed the world of Midael itself. Since that incident, all communication with the watch station has been lost.


Watch Station Midael sits on a Dead World of the same name shrouded in metallic grey dust that lies close to the spinward extent of the Chaos-held Charon Worlds. The watch station takes the form of a single armoured tower that rises from a spur of rock above one of the world's dust plateaus.

Watch Fortress Erioch has not received word from this station in over three solar decades. In truth, it is a dead and lifeless place, inhabited by a lone Deathwatch Battle-Brother, cut off from the outside by the spreading baleful influence of the Charon Stars.

For more than thirty Terran years, he has waited for others of the Deathwatch to come and relieve him, standing guard over the thing that is held in the deepest chamber of the tower. Slowly, the watch station's servitors have failed and died, and the tower's systems have become corrupted and atrophied.

Every few years, enemy forces come again to claim it. So far, however, they have failed to defeat the lone brother of the Deathwatch who waits within.

Outside the tower, the screaming wind howls and the bloody light of the Hadex Anomaly flares ever larger in the cold skies.

In 175.M41, the Deathwatch Rapid Strike Cruiser Instance of Fire was attacked by an unknown warship of an archaic Imperial design, and forced to flee before the vastly overmatching vessel. Guided by infernal power, the warship pursued the Deathwatch vessel to Midael and caught the Instance of Fire and disabled it in a brief exchange of fire.

Escaping to the watch station on Midael's surface, the fifteen surviving Battle-Brothers make Death Oaths and prepare their last defence in the armoured tower of the watch station. They held out for seventeen solar days against a company-strength force of Chaos Space Marines clad in red armour emblazoned with the marks of the Dark Gods.

When a relief force reached Midael, it was too late; they found the watch station despoiled but repairable. The bodies and armour of the fifteen defenders were never found.


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