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Watch Station Cressid is one of the Jericho Reach's Dead Stations, a series of watch stations that have gone mostly dormant save for the eternal vigilance of its machine spirits (artificial intelligences).


Nearing the last years of the 41st Millennium, the watch station on Cressid came under attack by a group of Chaos Renegades, who believed they had discovered a treasure trove of powerful artefacts.

With the aid of the automated defences of the station, a single Deathwatch battle-brother on patrol beat back the attackers, though the structure sustained a great deal of damage. The battle-brother repaired the damage before leaving the station to continue his vigil.

The repairs performed on the station did not address all of the damage as previously believed. The Renegades' attack did substantially more damage than anyone could have discovered with standard auguries and analysis.

The Chaos forces left behind a Warp-entity on Cressid, a being of pure malice and hatred that wormed its way into the station's pathways and data core. The station now possesses a malign intelligence that guides its sensors and readings, searching the surrounding areas for something that only it knows.

To date, the information gathered by the station has been manipulated and altered by the daemon and all information relayed to the Deathwatch has been scrubbed of anything of value. To the Imperium, Watch Station Cressid continues to monitor a Dead World and its surrounding environments with little of value detected.

Should a Kill-team arrive on Cressid to utilise the station, they would find a common watch station with nothing out of the ordinary at first glance.

However, if any length of time were spent inside its walls, the daemon's bloodthirsty nature would take hold and subject any within to a hall of horrors.


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