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Watch Station CX3119 is a watch station of the Deathwatch located in the Jericho Reach.


Watch Station CX3119 was established to study the Hadex Anomaly nearly 800 solar years ago in the early years of the 41st Millennium. Due to the reported fluctuation of the anomaly, this watch station was initially created to be mobile, that it might remain ever on the periphery of the Warp rift.

In addition to the usual banks of archeotech sensors, this station also sported powerful Warp augurs to warn of any dangerous expansions of the anomaly that may place the structure at risk.

Sadly, these devices did not provide enough notice when the Hadex Anomaly expanded to nearly half again its size, sucking the station into the Immaterium and cutting it off from the Deathwatch.

At the time, the station was unmanned, and while the Imperium was loathe to lose a valuable monitoring tool, it considered the station gone and classified it as destroyed. One can imagine the consternation and surprise of all within the Deathwatch when Watch Station CX3119 reappeared in 815.M41.

The station's reappearance has provoked great debate amongst Watch Fortress Erioch's Chamber of Vigilance and the Inquisition. The structure's new location is many light years from where it originally vanished, creating additional speculation on the nature of the anomaly.

Many wish to investigate the station to see what details the station's sensors have recorded during its time within. While the matter is debated, an elaborate system of quarantine beacons has been put in place warning all voidships to keep a wide berth away from the area.

While the Chamber of Vigilance continues to argue over how to proceed with the watch station, unbeknownst to them, one man has already set foot on board the station. Master of the Forge Xerill discovered the station while travelling onboard a Deathwatch vessel to enact repairs on another watch station.

His consuming desire for knowledge of the unknown led him into the bowels of the station and whatever lurked within. He has since returned to his post and so far, he has spoken to no one about finding the station or what waited within.


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