A Soul Grinder's Warpsword and wrist-mounted Harvester Cannon.

A Warpsword is a massive Daemon Weapon that is used in combat by Soul Grinder Daemon Engines. The Warpsword is an ever-shifting blade of pure Warp energy that is the physical manifestation of the imprisoned daemon's hatred at being trapped within the machine-body of a Soul Grinder. The weapon is fully capable of cutting through enemy infantry and vehicles with contemptuous ease. Soul Grinders can choose to wield one of these massive blades in place of a second Iron Claw. When the Warpsword is wielded it is taken in the beast's right hand, and used alongside the creature's Harvester Cannon.


A Warpclaw is similar to a Warpsword but the Warp energy comprising it is formed into the shape of a claw rather than a sword.


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