A Thousand Sons Rubric Marine armed with a Warpflamer.

Warpflame Weapons are the Flamer weapons used by the military forces of the Chaos God Tzeentch, particularly the Heretic Astartes of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion and their associated warbands. In the hands of the Chaos Space Marines, Warpflame Weapons unleash Warp-generated gouts of transmorphic fire that will mutate any beings caught within them.

Warpflame Pistol

The Warpflame Pistol is a smaller variant of the Warpflamer that can be fired in one hand.


The Warpflamer is the standard Warpflame weapon, similar to a standard Imperial Flamer but with the added mutagenic power of Tzeentch.

Heavy Warpflamer

The Heavy Warpflamer is a more potent and powerful version of the Warpflamer, similar to a standard Imperial Heavy Flamer but with the ability to project the mutagenic Warpflame provided by the blessings of the Lord of Change.


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