"There are no barriers for the Warp Spiders"

Training to be Spiders by ukitakumuki

A squad of Warp Spiders prepares to meet the enemy in combat

Eldar Warpspider

An Eldar Warp Spider Aspect Warrior of the Saim-Hann Craftworld

Warp spiders

A Squad of Warp Spiders

The Warp Spiders are Eldar Aspect Warriors who specialise in the use of a personal Warp teleportation device built into their Aspect Armour to make a series of rapid jumps through the Warp that make them nearly impossible to target and allow them to disappear before the enemy can strike back. The Warp Spiders take their name from the tiny but aggressive creatures that are seen amongst the slender Wraithbone trees of the Dome of the Crystal Seers found within every Eldar Craftworld. These sparkling entities can move anywhere within the Craftworld, melting their arachnoid bodies into the Infinity Circuit and crystallising to reappear at a new location. They are attracted in vast numbers to invasive psychic entities. As the Wraithbone core of a Craftworld is supportive of psychic consciousness in a similar way to the Immaterium, it is possible for it to become corrupted by the fragmented consciousness of lost human or other non-Eldar souls. In theory at least, it would be possible for a daemon of Chaos to find its way into the Wraithbone core of a Craftworld, although such a thing would be immediately apparent. The tiny warp spiders ensure that this does not happen, hunting and destroying alien psychic fragments much as white blood cells in the human body attack and neutralise foreign bacteria.

Combat Role

The Warp Spider Aspect Warriors epitomize the doctrine of aggressive defence. Using a compact Warp Jump Generator housed within the backpack of their Aspect Armour, these Aspect Warriors can make short Warp-jumps, disappearing and reappearing into realspace in the blink of an eye. This enables them to make totally unexpected attacks on their foes, though it does necessitate spending a short time unshielded in the Warp. For this reason, the Warp Spiders are considered the bravest of all Eldar Aspect Warriors -- they risk not only their lives in the name of victory, but also their souls. The ritual armament of the Warp Spider is the Death Spinner; a highly advanced weapon that extrudes a thick cloud of razor-sharp monofilament wire. The Spinner's magnetic containment field then spools the wire together and hurls it toward the enemy. The wire's own tension causes it to writhe and lash, and where it touches flesh or soft tissue, it slices through the victim's body, causing an agonising and quite messy death. Warp Spiders are also equipped with other standard Eldar weapons, including Power Blades, Shuriken Weapons and Fusion Guns.

Phoenix Lord

There is no known Phoenix Lord for the Warp Spiders. However, some Eldar claim that the Wraith Spider, a similar position found only on Craftworld Kaelor is the Phoenix Lord of the Warp Spiders. Most Eldar disagree with this supposition because most of the Phoenix Lords appeared far earlier in Eldar history and were responsible for founding their Aspect.


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