Warp-Jump Generator

A Warp Jump Generator used by the Warp Spiders Aspect Warriors.

The Craftworld Aeldari Aspect Warriors known as Warp Spiders make use of a technology called a Warp Jump Generator that serves as a sophisticated Warp field emitter that is integrated into a Warp Spider's Aspect Armour and is largely responsible for that suit's unusual bulk, as least so far as Aeldari defensive technologies are concerned.

The generator is what allows the Warp Spider to make his short jumps into the Immaterium so that he can cross the intervening space nearly instantaneously, completely undetectable to his foes, providing an invaluable ability to outmaneuver and surprise the enemy.

The Craftworld Aeldari use these Aspect Warriors in a similar combat role as the jump troops of the other starfaring races. But the Warp Spiders' ability to literally materialise out of thin air and attack with no warning is invaluable to Aeldari commanders despite the extreme risk to the Aeldari of travelling unprotected through the Warp even for only Terran seconds at a time.

The Aeldari generally make use of little in the way of teleportation technology due to the extreme dangers for them of being exposed to the Warp and the soul-hunger of Slaanesh. However, in this one area of Aeldari life the risk has been deemed worth taking.


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