A Chaos Deimos Rhino outfitted with a Warp Amplifier

A Warp Amplifier is a type of large Sonic Weapon that can be mounted upon Chaos vehicles such as the Rhino and Sonic Dreadnought that are used by the Chaos Space Marines. This weapon is a devastating device that was designed by the Dark Mechanicus to amplify the emotions and sensations of nearby intelligent creatures by projecting resonant Warp energies from rune-encrusted horns and pipes that sprout from the vehicles that are equipped with the weapon.

The closer that an individual comes to the amplifier, the harder it is for him or her to maintain discipline and conscious thought. These weapons are used during combat to weaken enemy morale and confuse the foe's forces. Weak-minded individuals may succumb to a variety of urges and temptations when exposed to this sonic Warp energy, or may simply be driven insane, flee from battle, or even become hostile to their own allies. A vehicle equipped with a Warp Amplifier cannot be equipped with a Dirge Caster, as its sonic waves might interfere with the Warp Amplifier's own operations.


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