The Warhammer 40k Wiki was refounded from a dead wiki in May 2010 by Lead Administrator Montonius for the specific purpose of deviating from Internet-wide standard wiki practices in an attempt to create an unusual level of quality for a fan-made wiki.

As such, in some ways the standard, accepted structure of a wiki does not always fit well with this project's purpose and can produce a conflict in expectations between editors and the wiki's founder and administrators.

This wiki has extremely strict content and formatting guidelines, which are by design intended to be much stricter and more stringently enforced than on most existing fan-created wikis. The intent of this model is to produce a higher level of quality, and more importantly, CONSISTENT quality, across every page, which is unusual in a fan-made creation.

As such, unlike on most other wikis, our Administrators and Moderators are expected to be project leaders, not just facilitators, who are carrying out portions of a predetermined wiki growth plan.

Additionally, every single edit to this wiki will be checked by our Administrators and Moderators for grammar, syntax, spelling and overall quality as well as integration into our growth plan, and changes will be made when necessary. Our editors are expected to defer to their judgement when there is a conflict of intent.

This is a decidedly more hierarchical model than is found on standard wikis, and may make some editors uncomfortable who are used to more democratic, rather than corporate, governance. This method is not intended to produce conflict or injure egos or feelings, though both may happen, to which we offer our apology in advance.

Our policies are intended only to promote the highest standard of quality that we are capable of producing, and we believe our efforts so far have delivered on this promise. If you find yourself in disagreement with this philosophy, that is understandable, but we ask that you accept our decision to run this wiki as we have chosen to do so.

If you would prefer a more traditional wiki structure, we suggest that you might like to contribute instead to the Lexicanum, the oldest and largest continually edited Warhammer 40,000 wiki on the Internet, or that you create your own with the purpose and guidelines that YOU believe best serve the Warhammer 40,000 community in this sphere.

After all, variety is the spice of life. In any event, we hope you enjoy what we have created here, and that you will choose to contribute to this particular vision of the Warhammer 40,000 universe as we have presented it.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.