"Right you lot, I'm to brief you on war zone etiquette—so listen up! It's real simple... Do what you're told, keep your weapon clean and your head down. Oh, and don't touch nothing."

— Sergeant "Brassneck" Hobbs, Scintillian 23rd

A War World

A War World is an Imperial planet that is part of an active war zone. The Imperium of Man is constantly at war and during those conflicts whole planets can burn.

Massive Imperial military campaigns and Imperial Crusades can envelop dozens of star systems and hundreds of worlds, many of which are utterly devastated by orbital bombardments and artillery in planet-spanning battles that last for entire solar decades.

Long-term war zones are hellish places where death comes quickly. The Imperium can field truly immense armies of millions of men and women, grinding their way across a devastated planet and reducing its cities to rubble.

Mercenaries flock to such places, hoping to leave soon after with their voidships loaded with pay and loot. Deserters and escaped prisoners form bands of pirates, preying on any starships unable to defend themselves. Planetbound, these reavers roam the war-torn worlds in feral packs, stealing anything not nailed down and killing anyone who gets in their way.

The Administratum sends colonists from more overcrowded worlds (sometimes willingly, sometimes not) to re-populate such war-torn worlds after the fighting has ended. But the bureaucratic wheels of the Imperium grind slowly and a world can lie devastated for Terran centuries before any effort is made to resettle it.

These places can be some of the most ghastly in the Imperium, with ravaged environments, cracked planetary crusts, burnt-out cities, and plains covered in the rotting flesh of the fallen.

Notable War Worlds

Planet Name Segmentum Sector Sub-Sector System Population Notes
47 Kapella Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches Unknown Unknown
Acheron IV Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Imperium fought on this world against the Orks of WAAAGH! Uggrot
Armatura Segmentum Ultima Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Towards the beginning of the Horus Heresy, Primarchs Lorgar and Angron of the Word Bearers and World Eaters Traitor Legions, conducted a joint campaign, known as the Shadow Crusade, into the heart of the Realm of Ultramar. Armatura was one of the first worlds to feel the wrath of the Forces of Chaos, falling to the Warmaster's forces.
Baraban Segmentum Ultima Jericho Reach Unknown Unknown Unknown Contested by the Imperium and T'au Empire.
Bleakfrost Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown During fierce fighting on Bleakfrost, an Ork horde overruns the last Imperial defence line. Dropping from orbit, the Novamarines Chapter deploy a thin line of Devastators and Sternguard into the mile-wide breach. Through tenacity and firepower, the Novamarines hold the line for six hours until Titans arrive to throw the Orks back.
Farcast Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Malfian Sub-sector Unknown Unknown
Gelmiro Primus Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Spinward of Markayn Marches Unknown Unknown
Gelmiro Secundus Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Spinward of Markayn Marches Unknown Unknown
Gelmiro Tertius Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Spinward of Markayn Marches Unknown Unknown
Ghinga Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Ghinga is currently fighting an uprising instigated by Chaos Cultists, with the aid of Daemonic. The timely arrival of a squadron of Grey Knights Space Marines helped to save the planet from a dark fate.
Khazant Segmentum Ultima Jericho Reach Unknown Khazant System Unknown Contested between Chaos and Imperial forces.
Kulth Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector The Periphery Unknown Unknown Has been continuously fought over for eighty-three years since it was first invaded by Orks.
Kuluth Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Malfian Unknown Unknown
Malice Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss Unknown Unknown Currently on the front lines of the Wrack War.
Maxima Moran Segmentum Ultima Unknown Unknown Moran System Unknown An Imperial world currently being invaded by Hive Fleet Kraken.
Protasias Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches Unknown Unknown
Purgatory Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches Unknown Unknown Imperial Guard fought here against an invading Night Lords Chaos Warband.
Torhaven Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Responding to reports of Genestealer cult activity on Torhaven, the Ordo Xenos despatch a Deathwatch Kill Team to exterminate the threat. Unbeknownst even to the Inquisition, Torhaven's equatorial fortress conceals a secret cache of Ultramarines gene-seed, an incalculably precious asset that cannot be allowed to fall into alien hands. Thus, the Kill Team is joined by Chaplain Ortan Cassius himself, the Ultramarines hero leading his brothers in a series of desperate battles to purge the xenos from Torhaven.
Ravacene Segmentum Ultima Jericho Reach Unknown Unknown Unknown Imperial Guard fight Kroot.
Vigilus Segmentum Ultima Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Vigilus is an Imperial Hive World that represents the terminus of a key route through the Great Rift into the Imperium Nihilus. As a result, Vigilus has become a heavily contested strategic location and the source of conflict between several of the different starfaring species and factions of the Milky Way Galaxy in the early 42nd Millennium. The campaign to claim Vigilus became known as the War of Beasts.
Xandros Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown The site of an ongoing battle between the Ultramarines Chapter and the Necrons.


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