A Wall of Martyrs Defence Network and its various components defended by the troops of the Astra Militarum.

A Wall of Martyrs Defence Network often forms the lynchpin of an Imperial army's defensive strategy and is typically built to protect key battlefield objectives. Comprising several armoured fortifications and interconnected by an arterial series of trenches, defence lines and weapon emplacements, it can take a fully equipped enemy army several solar months of gruelling siege war to blast, bombard, dig and burn a truly determined opponent out from these defensive positions.

At its heart will be a single fortification, typically a Wall of Martyrs Bunker, which acts as a command post for the entire defensive network. Usually equipped with extensive communications equipment, Astra Militarum Generals and Adeptus Astartes officers can utilise the bunker to coordinate the deployment of reinforcements to bolster any section of the network that is hard-pressed by enemy attacks whilst simultaneously directing the firepower of heavy weapon emplacements to throw back and repulse the foe's advance.

Unit Composition

A Wall of Martyrs Defence Network is usually composed of the following components. Please see each individual entry for more about that component's exact tactical capabilities and weapon load-outs.


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