A Wall of Martyrs Defence Line manned by Deathwing Terminators and other Astartes of the Dark Angels Chapter.

A Wall of Martyrs Defence Line is a type of fortification deployed by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. Across the length and breadth of the Imperium, Mankind must defend itself from the predations of aliens and Heretics. The Wall of Martyrs Defence Line is very often the first line of defence, a proud bulwark that can be used to resist the onslaught of such foes.

The bleached bones of long-dead warriors of the Imperium are literally built into the foundations of Wall of Martyrs Defence Lines, and the thrice-blessed blood of saintly heroes is often used by members of the Ecclesiarchy to sanctify their armoured shields. No wonder, then, that when the soldiers of the Imperium stand within these hallowed defence lines, their hearts are steeled against the worst horrors of the galaxy. So infused with righteousness, these troops stalwartly refuse to take a single step back whilst any of the Emperor's enemies remain.


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