An Imperial Wall of Martyrs Bunker defended by a team of Ultramarines Scout Marines.

A Wall of Martyrs Bunker, also called an Imperial Bunker, is a type of standard fortification deployed by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. Imperial Wall of Martyrs Bunkers are built to protect troops as they defend strategic battlefield locations. Like other Wall of Martyrs fortifications created by the Imperium, the raw materials of the bunker are also intermixed with the bones of Imperial heroes to provide a blessing to the defenders.

These bulwarks can withstand an impressive amount of firepower, but they typically lack automated weapons systems of their own. As such, they must be garrisoned to provide effective defence, yet -- as many enemy commanders have learned to their cost -- a single fire team protected behind a bunker's walls can reap a disproportionately heavy toll on approaching forces.

Many Imperial Bunkers are built as forward observation posts and are often equipped with extensive Vox units and communications arrays. Typically constructed on sites with commanding views, the better to monitor the movement of enemy units, these bunkers are especially valued by frontline Astra Militarum officers who prefer to issue orders, direct artillery strikes and coordinate troop deployments from the relative safety of an armoured fortification.

Wall of Martyrs Bunkers can be upgraded to mount an Icarus Pattern Lascannon for anti-air defence or a quad Autocannon for anti-infantry suppressive fire.


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