Eldar Vypers combat

Aeldari Vyper Jetbike Squadron of Craftworld Saim-Hann.

The Vyper is a highly mobile weapon platform based on an enlarged Jetbike design. A military innovation initially pioneered by the artisans of Saim-Hann, Vypers are two-seater, anti-gravitic attack craft capable of mounting a variety of heavy weapons.

It carries two Aeldari, a pilot and a gunner. The pilot and gunner are generally trained together and very rarely will a single member of the crew be changed. The pilot and gunner are almost always blood relatives.

The Vyper is capable of carrying a wide variety of Aeldari heavy weapons. Although lightly armoured, the impressive speed and maneuverability of the Vyper is almost a superior defence.

Vypers are often fielded in squadrons of up to three vehicles. These squadrons are capable of redeploying in seconds to target a the vulnerable area of an incoming tank, looping around an exposed flank or jinking away to escape interceptors attempting to close with them.


Vypers mount a fearsome array of weapons - Shuriken Cannons and Scatter Lasers to scythe down ranks of men or Orks, or Missile Launchers and Bright Lances to deal with tanks or heavy infantry. Together, Vypers have the speed and firepower to deal with any threat.


Vyper's Rune

The horned skysword rune is used to represent the Vyper. Horns often denote the hunter god, Kurnous. Here they reflect the Vyper's role as an airborne predator dealing death from above.


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