A Voltaic Staff is a Necron weapon used only by Cryptek Ethermancers. Indeed, it can be considered their signature weapon and symbol of office. Taking on the appearance of a simple stave with an ornate head, electromagnetic energy continuously crackles along the length of its shaft and arcs between the exposed storage crystals that make up the headpiece.

An ideal weapon for the Cryptek who wishes to demonstrate the superiority of Necron technology to the lesser races of the galaxy, the impossibly high voltages emitted by the staff are capable of being fired at extremely rapid rates. The lightning-like energies unleashed by a Voltaic Staff are especially effective against vehicles, as the application of high voltage is enough to disrupt the function of even the most sophisticated forms of technology. Just as an Ethermancer commands a Voltaic Staff, so does the Voltaic Staff command the power of the storm itself.


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