A Questoris Knight Styrix' Volkite Chieorovile

The Volkite Chieorovile is a massive Volkite Weapon used by the combat walkers of the Questor Imperialis, the Imperial Knights, and by the Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris. The Volkite Chieorovile is used only by the Questoris Knight Styrix.

Volkite Weapons are a class of powerful thermal ray weapons whose technology is pre-Imperial in origin and dates back to the Age of Strife. Volkite Weapons produce a deflagrating attack, in which subsonic combustion caused by a beam of thermal energy propagated through a material by thermodynamic heat transfer so that hot burning material heated the next layer of cold material and ignited it. A Volkite Weapon's heat ray had a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire.

The Questoris Knight Styrix was considered a dark and malevolent pattern of Knight armour, the wanton slaughter it unleashed being beneath the dignity of a true Knight. The Knight would use its Graviton Crusher to hold groups of infantry in place and then rake them over with its Volkite Chieorovile and Rad Cleanser, utterly annihilating them with blasts of energy beams and cleansing radiation.

The Volkite Chieorovile used by the infernal Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris is known as a Hellburner Chieorovile.


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