A representation of a Void Whale.

A Void Whale is a gargantuan alien animal originally born in the currents of the Immaterium that also exists and "swims" through the vacuum of the open void in realspace

Nearly twelve thousand Terran miles long, these Warp-spawned entities are so large that their bodies both without and within become home to their own ecosystems made up of various other insidious creatures.

A pod of Void Whales swimming through the vacuum of space.

Void Whales tend to swim across the blackness of space, and are also capable of navigating the unnatural tides of the Warp.

In 877.M41, a hideously mutated Void Whale emerged from the Warp and was destroyed by a team of Space Wolves led by the Wolf Lord Engir Krakendoom. They landed on the Void Whale and fought their way through the vampiric bipedal creatures called Remora that called it home.

Engir and his Astartes planted thermal charges deep within the creature's vital organs and escaped before it exploded. The Perillian Gas Belt was born out of its remains.


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