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A Void Suit is a sealed protective suit intended to preserve the wearer in the most hostile environments, usually the vacuum of space. A void suit incorporates a rebreather and allows the wearer to survive in vacuum and other environments hostile to life on certain planetary surfaces.

Many incorporate simple void-kits that include tether lines, voidsteel clamps, and similar small pieces of useful equipment. However, poor void suits may not adequately shield the wearer from the energies of the void over long periods of exposure, leading to sickness or death.

Selenite Pattern Void Suit

A truly ancient design and a relic of the sacred STC database given to early human interstellar colonists during the Age of Technology, the Selenite Pattern is perhaps the most common heavy void suit used in the Imperium. Intended for use by voidwalkers, belt miners, and the like, the suit's insulated ceramic-fibre weave provides much better protection than a simple sealed suit from the hazards of space such as temperature extremes, radiation, and micro-fragment impact. Widely fabricated and hugely durable, some Selenite suits are treasured relics of the Void Born families and star vessels, and may have served many generations in a particular ship's crew.

The Selenite can sustain life in hard vacuum for up to ten solar hours before the dual re-breather cells of its life support system must be replaced (which may even be done without removing the suit). A fully functioning suit in good order also contains an internal Vox-link, a seal patching kit, a compact grapnel/clasp plus ten metres of line, and a photo-visor.

Selenite suits common to Port Wander and Footfall in the Koronus Expanse are fitted with impellor units, allowing the wearer to propel himself through open space in zero or reduced gravity conditions.


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