The Imperial Aquila

A Void Relay Network is a network of interconnected, defensive Void Shields designed to protect static Imperial fortifications or vulnerable targets like a city, military base or religious complex on a planetary surface.

Areas of vital strategic or economic importance and sites of deep spiritual significance to the Imperium of Man are sometimes protected by not just one, but several Void Shield Generators, their arcane technologies blanketing whole swathes of the region with overlapping, defensive force fields. Powering such a defence network requires a prodigious amount of energy and each shield generator building needs to be fed directly by an external power source, usually from a potent Plasma Reactor.

As a result, such a network can put an incredible strain on a planet's local resources, siphoning resources from huge areas of its surface. However, the military gains of such an endeavour almost always outweigh the cost, and neither the Administratum nor the Ecclesiarchy are known for their compassion towards local economic considerations.

Unit Composition

A Void Relay Network is usually composed of the following components. Please see each individual entry for more about that component's exact capabilities.


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