Vitria is a vast, arid Desert World of the Imperium of Man located in the Cryptus System in the Red Scar Region of the Segmentum Ultima. Vitria is the homeworld of the notable Astra Militarum regiment known as the Vitrian Dragoons. Vitrian cities are made of glass or crystal created from its sandy wastes.


The planet of Vitria was once known as Silica VII, a Death World of howling sandstorms and desolate oases. The indigenous tusk-felids that roamed the dunes were so lethal the Adeptus Terra declared the planet unfit for habitation.

However, in the latter years of 165.M40, a solar flare reached out from Vitria's sun and turned the planet's sandy wilderness into hard black glass. So dramatic was the transformation that the world was not only renamed, but also reclassified as habitable. Before the planet had even fully cooled, the Imperium had deleted Silica VII from its records and replaced it with Vitria, a Civilised World of igneous rock and glasscrete.

Though at first glance Vitria's buildings look no different from those clustered throughout the rest of the Imperium, they conceal a lethal secret. The ruins, tumbled statues and splintered buildings that stud its cityscapes all have jagged edges as sharp as shattered glass. Because of this, Vitrian citizens are easily distinguished by their networks of scar tissue. Those few who make it to old age say that haste is the quickest way to suicide, and that the clumsy man soon loses his head.


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