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"Ten thousand blessed saints rest eternal amidst the silent halls of Benediction. It is a world steeped in the blood of the faithful."

Canoness Arkasia Fury of the Order of the Ebon Chalice

The small yet incredibly influential Veritus Sub-sector lies near to the centre of Segmentum Solar. For centuries a prosperous bastion of the Imperial faith, ever since the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum and the subsequent resurgence of Chaos forces it has become the location of a bitter and bloody struggle known as the Talledus War for the souls of its mortal inhabitants.

The Veritus Sub-sector is a region of Imperial space located in the Segmentum Solar.

The Veritus Sub-sector is replete with Imperial worlds and navigable Warp routes.

It was seen as a stronghold of the Ecclesiarchy, a vibrant symbol of the Imperial Creed's galaxy-spanning influence and power, which ruled from the Shrine World of Benediction in the sub-sector's Talledus System.

The sub-sector was ruled by Cardinal Morst Bolifax, who was based on Benediction.

The Veritus Sub-sector came under assault from the forces of Chaos led by the Dark Apostle Kor Phaeron of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion during the Talledus War of the Era Indomitus.

Notable Star Systems[]

  • Talledus System
  • Keyfire System
  • Rantharos System
  • Pavia System
  • Oddreon System
  • Leonus System


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