Varantha is a minor Aeldari Craftworld that is also known as the "Crown of Our Steadfast Hopes." Varantha is renowned among the other Craftworld Aeldari for the gems it crafts, the rare flowers it breeds, and the beautiful metals its artisans work. The Aeldari of Varantha hate Chaos with a white heat, and so the Craftworld has deployed much of its military to combat the Forces of Chaos across the galaxy as well as to defend the worlds of the Exodites from their taint.


Notable Events

  • The Fall of Karlsen (Date Unknown)- Varantha's warhost held off the Chaos Lord Karlsen of the Night Lords Traitor Legion during his raids on the Clavian Belt until the Ultramarines arrived.
  • Luring the Beast (Date Unknown) - Varantha's Farseers lured the Orks of WAAAGH! Chobog into falling on the Iron Hands' fortresses on the world of Taira-Shodan instead of assaulting the Imperial and Exodite Worlds in the same region.
  • The Shame of Arhendros (Date Unknown) - Varantha's warriors drove Arhendros the Silken Whisper from the three worlds he had claimed for Slaanesh.
  • The Failed Rebellion (Date Unknown) - Varantha's forces defeated the Word Bearers on Sahch V, making sure the great citadels and halls the Heretic Astartes intended to build there never came to be when a Varanthan Witchblade cut down the warband's Dark Apostle. Varanthan Wraithships drove the Word Bearers Battle Barges and Strike Cruisers out of the system and then led the fleets of Ulthwé and Cadia in destroying the Chaos warfleet before it could return to its sanctuary within the Eye of Terror.

Notable Locations

  • Grove of New Songs - The Grove of Songs is a forest-hall deep within Varantha where its few Aeldari children are born and weaned.


  • Snares & Delusions (Short Story) by Matthew Farrer
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