Vanquisher Class Battleship

Imperial Vanquisher-class Battleship

What few Imperial records survive of its construction indicate that the Vae Victus, a Vanquisher-class Battleship, is a unique vessel constructed in the orbital shipyards of Hydraphur in the late 32nd Millennium. Built at the request of the High Lord of Terra Javor, the Vae Victus is the only Vanquisher-class Battleship to ever have seen service in the Imperial Navy. No other vessel of this design has ever been recorded constructed, although since Imperial records of earlier millennia are so fragmentary others may have been built.

Following its construction, the Battleship saw action during the Pacification of Magdellan and the Saint-Saen Crusade. Whilst on this extended Crusade the vessel was recorded as "lost in the Warp" with all hands. Believed to have been thrown wildly off course by Warp Storms, the Vae Victis returned to realspace some two hundred Terran years later. Records do not detail the intervene years.

Over the next millennia this starship's design underwent an extensive refit, launch bays were removed in favour of forward torpedo rooms. The two antiquated bomber launch tubes are still visible on the vessel beneath the armoured prow. Following heavy battle damage to the Vae Victis' main engines, the ship's propulsion system was radically redesigned. What could be salvaged was converted into the upper engine room, whilst a second lower engine was added. She then returned to patrol duty.

Aged and suffering continued problems with the twin plasma engine units, the Vae Victis was mothballed as part of the Imperial Navy's reserve in the 38th Millennium and left in a stationary orbit around Drawkesd. The vessel's weapons and Void Shield systems were stripped for reuse. For long years the Battleship was left to decay in orbit of that forgotten back-world. Recently, increased pressure on Battlefleet Segmentum resources as a result of the 13th Black Crusade has led to the Vae Victis being recommissioned. She is currently undergoing rearmament and crew training before resuming active service.


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