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The Valiant Blades is a Chapter of Primaris Space Marines raised during the Ultima Founding of an unknown origin. Little else is known about the Chapter in current Imperial records.

Chapter History

Notable Campaigns

  • Debts Long Owed (Unknown Date.M42) - Already stretched dangerously thin, House Hawkshroud found itself in deadly peril as the Orks of WAAAGH! Zagsmasha descended upon their homeworld of Krastellan. Cries for help were sent, debts long owed called in at last from the many allies that Hawkshroud had so selflessly aided over the millennia. Most fell upon deaf ears, but on Baal, Valhalla and Dragon's End, relief forces began to muster, while in the empyrean, the Primaris Space Marines of the Valiant Blades turned their ships' helms towards Krastellan. Whether these reinforcements will arrive before the homeworld of House Hawkshroud is overrun remains to be seen.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Badge

The Valiant Blades' Chapter badge is not listed in Imperial records.

Chapter Appearance

The Valiant Blades' Chapter colours are not listed in Imperial records.


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