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The Drukhari Haemonculus Vakillar U'riss, Excrutiatress and Mistress of the Theatre of Pain.

Vakillar U'riss, the "Mistress of the Theatre of Pain," is a Drukhari Haemonculus and a lead member of the Conclave of Tears.

Also called "the Excrutiatress" across a dozen and more sectors along the Eastern Fringe, she is a being of whom bloody folktales have been told for several thousand Terran years.

Indeed, the Excrutiatress is not merely a mistress of slaughter and desecration of the flesh, but an artist; her atrocities are pinnacles of twisted achievement and each one drives her on to greater heights.

She has even twisted her body into a horror of the utmost artistry, each wicked curve or venomous barb optimised for both bloody efficiency and elegant terror.

Worse still, her body is her living canvas, dynamic and ever-shifting as she changes and enhances herself to suit her present needs.

On her person, she carries countless samples, specimens, and sundries stored in crystal-glass microphials, including a collection of eyes harvested from species across the galaxy.


U'riss is a Haemonculus, one of the caste of flesh-crafters and torturer-surgeons the Drukhari of Commorragh rely upon to shape their forms into ever more extreme parodies of life and to renew them should death come before they will it.

U'riss takes great delight in her work, which she undertakes for any Kabal willing and able to pay her unearthly price. Frequently, that price is yet more flesh for her infernal theatre of pain, wherein she creates the most spectacular tableau vivants ever witnessed in the Dark City.

These gristly spectacles sometimes number many hundreds of participants, though only the most ennui-wracked of Drukhari would ever willingly offer themselves to perform the hideous scenes U'riss delights in reconstructing.

It is said that Drukhari nobles come from all over the Dark City to bear witness to a newly revealed piece, it being the height of fashion and privilege to do so before the actors start to rot even as they struggle in vain to hold their impossible poses.

Despite her unspeakable obsession with crafting such theatrical excess, U'riss is known by the inner circle of the Inquisition's Dead Cabal to be a member of the Conclave of Tears.

Exactly what the Haemonculus seeks to attain by association with this mysterious Aeldari group is not known, but certainly it must offer her some advantage or prize she could not otherwise attain for herself.

The Drukhari are, after all, the most selfish of a species known for their limitless self-interest, and so it seems unlikely in the extreme that she is acting out of altruism.

While it might seem unusual that a Drukhari should become embroiled in the activities of the Conclave of Tears at all, it makes a certain sense that should such a thing come about, it would be a Haemonculus that represents the denizens of the Dark City in this ancient coalition.

U'riss and her peers generally exist outside of the eternal and lethal power struggles of the Kabals, selling their services to those most willing to meet their exorbitant prices.

The Haemonculi move in circles other Drukhari would flounder in, having the ear of the very highest ranked of nobles, some even of Asdrubael Vect, the supreme overlord of Commorragh.

Though U'riss would think twice before attempting to manipulate Vect, there are a great many lesser nobles willing to act upon whatever shreds of counsel she might offer.

The Excrutiatress is therefore able to wield great influence, and at her word overwhelming raids into realspace can be launched and thousands upon thousands of bloodthirsty murderers unleashed upon the galaxy.

It is not only large realspace raids that are undertaken upon the Excrutiatress' command, for most of her activities are far smaller and more subtle, in keeping with the modus operandi of the Conclave of Tears. Accompanied by a small force of Wracks and Grotesques, U'riss has trod numerous forbidden places in the outer Jericho Reach.

She maintains an uneasy alliance with the Black Prince Ebahn Lauma and on occasion the two have pooled their resources to act in concert. The Haemonculus is said to barely speak with Erandel Voidsinger, the Farseer of Kaelor, though the two maintain a cold civility in council when the Conclave of Tears meets.


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