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Ussax, called "the Blight-master," is a veteran Heretic Astartes of the Death Guard Traitor Legion, and known as one of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion's inner circle of Death Guard Sorcerers.

He is well known to the Ordo Malleus and to the Grey Knights, having been responsible for countless millions of deaths throughout the millennia.

The Blight-master also bears the Mark of Nurgle, taking the form of numerous lesion-runes etched all over the sloughing flesh of his body. And at all times, Ussax is surrounded by a thick, black cloud of bloated flies, hampering any efforts to attack him from long range.


Ussax is held to be one of the most darkly gifted concoctors of blights, afflictions and plagues serving the Death Guard Legion, and his recent appearance in the warzones of the Jericho Reach, attended by a cadre of Plague Marines, is a cause for much concern amongst those with knowledge of what he is capable of.

According to recent findings presented to the Watch Fortress Erioch's Chamber of Vigilance, Blight-master Ussax has been present in the Reach for around three Terran years, travelling from one warzone to the next.

At each battlefield, he gathers up a grim and unspeakable harvest from the dead and the dying, before returning to some as yet undiscovered fastness to concoct his latest ague.

This he then unleashes upon the next battlefield he attends, once more harvesting the bodies of the victims. Thus, so it is feared, the Blight-master is in some blasphemous manner refining his plagues, using the raging conflicts of the Jericho Reach as some vile breeding ground for new, Warp-borne epidemics.


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