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New articles

Hi Mr. Padauo! What's up? I'm Zixes. I follow the articles that you're adding to this wiki, and I think that you're doing a great job! I thought that I could point you in the right direction, you know? Show you where you can best contribue for now.  Like I said, you are doing great by adding those new articles. But maybe you should take it slow, you know? Maybe you should start small by fixing grammar errors or add links to the articles. Our Admin (Montonius) has a lot of work on his hands, and editing your newly created articles is one of his duties. He also has his own projects to work on. I know that you've no bad intentions, but you will only add more work for him by adding new articles.  Also you should slow down with those categories editing.

I hope that you won't find this message in bad light! Hope to hear from you!

(If you wish to reply to this message, then click on my user name below and leave a message on my talk page).

see ya!

Zixes (talk) 18:41, December 10, 2019 (UTC)

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