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Relationship between the Imperial Guard & Space Marines

Hi JHN, I am Zixis, a moderator of this wiki.

I am curious about that quote that you have added to the Imperial Guard page. Is this quote is from a canon material or is this is from fanon lore? If it is the later, then I will ask you to delete the quote. If it is the former, then I ask of you to point out the source.

You can reply by clicking on my signature, then you will be able to leave a message on my talk page.

ZiXIS (talk) 23:40, March 11, 2016 (UTC)

Adept JHN13,

I've looked through every known Imperial Guard source as well as other canon material, and I have been unable to verify that this quote is from a canon source. First of all, there is no such Chapter as the Eclipse Hawks. And secondly, if a canon source cannot be produced then I have no choice but to remove the quote, until you can prove to me otherwise where it came from. In the future, before adding any additional quotes or editing an article, ensure that you can produce the source and page number where you found it. That way, this will alleviate any further issues. Thank you for your cooperation!

Algrim Whitefang, WH40K Wiki Senior Associate Administrator (talk)

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