• WolfenLTL

    Hi again!

    So you may be answering... which are my favourite armies and why?


    Well, if you have read my profile or the previous blog entry, my two favourite armies are Ultramarines and Space Wolves, two of the most ichonic chapters of the loyalist Space Marines.

    Why I chose these ones?

    - About the Ultramarines, the answer is very simple: when I knew the game, about 1995, they were the army that my friend (the one with the Marneus Calgar miniature I spoke about in the first entry) was playing in 2nd Edition. Then 3rd came, in 1998, and with it my fully love for the game. I started buying boxes and blisters of Space Marines... and until now. What I most loved about the Ultramarines was their "roman"-esque organisation for the army, the flu…

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  • WolfenLTL

    Hi all!

    With this entry I want to start a series of Opinion/Debate entries on this, my own blog inside this big Wikia.

    To get started, I will talk about what I like the most about wargaming and, more on the spot, about Warhammer 40,000.

    Of course, as an 80´s-born kid, I grew up watching unnacountable TV hours: cartoons, shows like McGyver, A-Team, Star Trek, and I think we were lucky to live that amazing sci-fi movies like The Terminator, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and many others... My interest in Sci-Fi was only starting!

    It was when I was 15 years old when one friend of mine came to our school with a miniature of a Space Marine (of course, a metal one). It was the old Marneus Calgar, not the enthroned one, just the next one, fist in the…

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