Greeting fellow fans of WH40K! Today will be the first of many questions that...ahem, forgive my pun... been "nailed" to my mind over the last few years... the big obvious ones. Here is the first (of what I hope is many).

Forward: I will often refer to "The Emperor" by Sigular idents "HE, HIM, HIS...ext, ext"

Angron's Butcher's Nails: Why did The Emperor not personally get involved in the removal of the Implant? 

Its a very simple question, (all the best questions are IMO) that I feel The Emperor could have solved if HE got involved. For Refenerencing purposes i have taken the "Angron's Secret" Paragraphs and brought them to this Blog for easy reference.

Angron's Secret

When Angron was teleported away by the Emperor from Nuceria he was examined aboard the Adamant Resolve's Apothecarion by Vel-Kheredar, the Archmagos Veneratus of the XII Legion and a representative of Kelbor-Hal, the Fabricator-General of the Mechanicum of Mars. After ordering the XII Legion's Techmarines and Apothecaries away, the Primarch was rendered somnolent by the psychic touch of Malcador the Sigillite. Vel-Kheredar examined the neural implants hammered into the Primarch's skull over the course of seven hours, all under the Sigillite's watchful eyes. The Archmagos discovered that the Butcher's Nails had remapped Angron's brain. When the Nails activated, they reduced the production of the neurotransmitter known as serotonin in the subject's brain to encourage instinctive aggression, just as they deadened emotional response and electrical activity to any other portion of the brain save for that which regulated the flow of adrenaline. Unfortunately, the malignant archeotech device had not been designed for the biological complexity of a Primarch's brain, as it eroded mental stability and slowly damaged the subjects' capacity to reason. The implants also impinged on higher brain function by rewriting emotional responses. To make matters worse, removing the Butcher's Nails would only result in the death of the Primarch.

Over time the Butcher's Nails would cause rapid cortical degeneration and eventually kill the Primarch. This was a certainty, though Angron's superhuman physiology would continue to try to heal the damage as the Nails bit deeper. Vel-Kheredar did not know how long it would take the Nails to kill the Primarch based on the little data available but he could make an educated estimate. The Archmagos reported his findings to the Emperor, and soon received a marked and sealed scroll with the Palatine Aquila upon it, handed to him by the Sigillite himself. It was a message from the Emperor's own hand. He ordered the Archmagos to sequester his findings and to remain silent. At the time, the XII Legion was broken, as they were one of the last of the Legiones Astartes to find their gene-sire. Morale was low. It was bad enough that they were burdened with the only Primarch to fail in conquering his homeworld. If they had discovered he was doomed to die before the Great Crusade's end, it would have annihilated what little morale amongst the Legion remained.

So what we have here is a ticking time bomb of Titanic perportions, and HE might/99% sure could solve it. so Why not?

The question of why did HE not spend more time with Angron is for another day, but in total, the entire distance from this just smacks of negligence on HIS part.

Thoughts? Additional aplification on the subject?

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