aka Vo0DoO

Chat moderator
  • I live in the City of Sight on Holy Terra
  • My occupation is seeking and correcting or destroying any false information spread by the Forces of Chaos to mislead Mankind.
  • Vo0DoO40k

    1 Year

    April 26, 2017 by Vo0DoO40k

    Wow. I just saw, that I earned the "God-Emperor of Mankind" batch recently. A great goal achieved. I stand in the service of the Emperor for more than a year now and the last year I missed not a single day to do His work on this wiki.

    Also I was promoted to Moderator of this wiki for my service. A great year indeed. Let's all pray for another one. For only in death will my duty end.

    The Emperor protects!

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  • Vo0DoO40k

    I must repent

    October 14, 2015 by Vo0DoO40k

    ... really. I just made my first entry to a Talk Page and I think I failed hard. First it was the page of the lead Adminstrator and then I think I made some kind of error, for my text appears beneath the headline of another contributor. I will seek more typos to correct to repent.

    For the Emperor.

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