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Legiones Astartes Vehicles

This list contains vehicles used by the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade, Horus Heresy, and the Great Scouring. This is not a complete list and only contains vehicles that are rare or have been retired, replaced, lost, or simply forgotten about in the 41st Millennia. This list will be added to as new vehicles are revealed by either the Black Library or by Forge World.


Here is a list of the vehicles and aircraft with sources but too little information to create a full page.

  • Mastodon - Large Troop Transport - The Primarchs, pp. 291-293, Fear To Tread, pg. 105, Angel Exterminatus, pg. 221.
  • Thunderstrike - Mobile Artillery Tank - Raven's Flight pp. 239, 241-243, Angel Exterminatus pp. 62, 426
  • Outrider Gun-Cart - Know No Fear, pg. 58
  • Hawkwing - Angel Exterminatus pg. 249.
  • Warhawk - Angel Exterminatus pg. 371.
  • Hephaestus - Horus Heresy Book 2, pg. 203
  • Deathhammer - Super-Heavy Imperial Army Tank - Horus Heresy Book 1, pg. 224
  • Raven-class Interceptor - Space Fighter/Interceptor - Flight of the Eisenstein, pp. 91, 146, 177, 184-185, 187.


The Lucifer and Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnoughts have yet to be confirmed to be the pattern designation for the standard Mk IV and Mk V designs, and as such their pages won't be changed until this confirmed to be the case, but I will leave the sources here. It is unknown if the other two Dreadought patterns will be reintroduced.

  • Lucifer Patter Dreadnought - Mark IV Dreadnought - Horus Heresy Book 1, pg. 200, Bretrayer (Novel)
  • Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnought - Mark V Dreadnought - Horus Heresy Book 1, pg. 200, Horus Heresy Book 2, pg. 194, Forge World Website (Contemptor Dreadnought Talon)
  • Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought - Attack Support Dreadnought - Rouge Trader Era
  • Furibundus Pattern Dreadnought - Destroyer Dreadnought - Rouge Trader Era