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Novel Series

I've taken it upon myself to make pages for Warhammer 40,000's many novels and book series, this is a tad easier than digging for vehicle and weapon info in books that I don't actually own. I will still work on vehicles though, I can do books when I don't have time for vehicles.

  • The Horus Heresy Series - The main page along with all released novels and novellas have pages, next up is short stories. After that I'll do audio dramas.
  • The Horus Heresy: Primarchs - All information is on the main Horus Heresy page, individual pages will be made.
  • Forge World Horus Heresy Series - All information is on the main Horus Heresy page, individual pages will be made.
  • The Beast Arises - Nothing yet. All artwork, titles, and information has been gathered.
  • Space Mari…

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Vforvendetta1 Vforvendetta1 10 November 2013

Imperial, Chaos, and Daemon Vehicle Weapons and Wargear

  • 1 Imperial Vehicle Weapons and Wargear
    • 1.1 Imperial Vehicle Weapons
    • 1.2 Space Marine Dreadnought Weapons
    • 1.3 Imperial Vehicle Wargear
  • 2 Imperial Navy Aircraft/Spacecraft Wargear
  • 3 Chaos & Daemon Vehicles and Wargear
    • 3.1 Chaos Vehicle Weapons
    • 3.2 Chaos Vehicle Wargear

All weapons and upgrades will be added and then removed from this list:

  • Accelerator Autocannon
  • Accelerator Cannon
  • Avenger Bolt Cannon
  • Blitzen AA Gun (Death Korps of Kreig)
  • Chem Cannon
  • Colossus Bomb
  • Colossus Siege Mortar
  • Deathstrike Missile
  • Dreadhammer Siege Cannon
  • Dominus Heavy Siege Bombard
  • Eradicator Nova Cannon
  • Exorcist Missile Launcher
  • Flamestorm Cannon
  • Firefury Missile Launcher
  • Gotterdammerung Howitzer (Death Korps of Kreig)
  • Heavy Conversion Beamer
  • Heavy Laser Destroyer
  • Heavy Siege Mortar
  • Heavy Vanquisher …

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Vforvendetta1 Vforvendetta1 28 September 2013

Legiones Astartes Vehicles

This list contains vehicles used by the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade, Horus Heresy, and the Great Scouring. This is not a complete list and only contains vehicles that are rare or have been retired, replaced, lost, or simply forgotten about in the 41st Millennia. This list will be added to as new vehicles are revealed by either the Black Library or by Forge World.

  • Skimmers
    • Jetbike
      • Jetbike Chariot (Main Jetbike Page)
    • Javelin Attack Speeder
  • Light Vehicles
    • Outrider Gun-Cart (Page Pending, Not Enough Information)
  • Transports, Assault Transports, & Carriers
    • Deimos Rhino
      • Grav-Rhino (Adeptus Custodes, Sisters of Silence)
      • Rhino Advancer (Needs Updated by Forge World or Black Library)
        • Rhino Munitions Carrier (Main Rhino Advancer Page)
      • Castellan Rhin…
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Vforvendetta1 Vforvendetta1 8 April 2013

Ork Vehicles and Aircraft

  • 1 Ork Vehicles
    • 1.1 Feral Ork Vehicles and Artillery
    • 1.2 Light Vehicles
    • 1.3 Battle Tanks - Wagons
    • 1.4 Heavy and Super-Heavy Tanks / Wagons
    • 1.5 Walkers
    • 1.6 Heavy and Super-Heavy Walkers
    • 1.7 Beasts of War
    • 1.8 Artillery and Static Emplacements
  • 2 Ork Aircraft
  • 3 Other Ork Vehicles

  • Warboar
    • Cyboar (Main Warboar Page)
    • Super-Cyboar (Main Warboar Page)
  • Junka Trukk
  • Orkeosaurus
  • Squig Katapult
  • Steam Gargant

  • Grot Bomm Launcha
  • Warbike
    • Nob Bike (Main Warbike Page)
  • Warbuggy
  • Wartrakk
    • Wartrakk Skorcha
    • Flakk Trakk
  • Wartrukk
    • Trukk (Main Wartrukk Page)
    • Flakk Trukk (Main Wartrukk Page)
    • Half Trakk (Main Wartrukk Page)

  • Battlewagon
    • Battlewagon with Lifta Dropper (Main Battlewagon Page)
    • Battlewagon with Supa Kannon (Main Battlewagon Page)
    • Battlewagon with Gob-Smasha (Main Battlewagon Page)
  • Big Trakk
  • Gunwagon
  • Grot…

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Vforvendetta1 Vforvendetta1 21 December 2012

Chaos Vehicles & Daemon Engines

  • Light Vehicles
    • Chaos Assault Bike (Main Assault Bike Page)
  • Transports
    • Chaos Rhino (Main Rhino Page)
  • Battle Tanks
    • Chaos Predator Destructor (Main Predator Destructor Page)
    • Chaos Predator Annihilator (Main Predator Annihilator Page)
    • Chaos Vindicator (Main Vindicator Page)
  • Heavy Battle Tanks
    • Land Raider Phobos (Main Land Raider Page)
    • Chaos Land Raider Proteus (Main Land Raider Proteus Page)
      • Chaos Armoured Land Raider Proteus (Main Land Raider Proteus Page)
  • Super-Heavy Battle Tanks
    • Chaos Spartan Assault Tank (Main Spartan Assault Tank Page)
    • Chaos Fellblade (Main Fellblade Page)
    • Chaos Falchion (Decimator) (Main Falchion Page)
    • Plaguereaper
  • Dreadnoughts
    • Chaos Dreadnought (Main Dreadnought Page)
    • Helbrute
    • Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought (Main Contemptor Dreadnought Page)…
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