Sindri Myr

  • I live in Everywhere, and nowhere
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Alpha Legion Sorcerer
  • I am Male
  • Sindri Myr

    I am returned!

    April 20, 2018 by Sindri Myr

    Hi guys, it's me again...

    For those of you who don't know me, I was a contributor to this wiki some years ago. However, I ended up leaving it as I faced a number of things in my life at the time, I was in a bit of a bad situation and had a lot of unpleasant stuff going on at the time. I apologise for any confusion I may have caused at the time!

    Anyway, I'm back now, ready to embrace 40k once again. So, what's changed in my four year sojourn from the hobby?

    P.S. I also apologise for the abomination of a fanfic that I wrote a few years back. I was younger then, cut me some slack! XD

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  • Sindri Myr

    Recently I've been reading a lot to do with 'The Shape of the Nightmare to Come, 50k'. Personally, I find it absolutely amazing what that person has come up with, & is even more grim & dark than the 40k universe (& how's that even possible?!). Anyhow, it made me think about what might well end up occuring in the future of the 40k universe, & to this end, here is my own view of what will happen in the future. Even if you don't read it all, let me know what you might will happen in the 51st millennium.

    Warning: This is a VERY long post. Only read it if you have spare time on your hands.

    In the grim darkness of the far future there is only death...

    It is the fifty first millennium. The Imperium is dead. Mankind has fallen. The galaxy did burn, bu…

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