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    March 11, 2018 by Neithan02

    lukas: ar least aorund since 410 m41 (event sof book 641, but banned from fang 6 times during 2 centuries prior to that been to cavern cities under the mountains

    wolf lords and wolf priests have favourite tribe

    "we play at neutrality but most warriors favor their own bloodline"

    "Have you pups ever wondered why we let them live like this? Why we let them suffer hardship and cruelty?" "To Make them Strong" "Pride! We have convinced ourselves that suffering builds character. Suffering builds nothing but walls. We settle for beasts when we could have men. All for pride. And that is the biggest joke of all, pups. Best you remember that."

    "I don't think that that is funny" "No, pride eats at everyone of us like a maggot in a wound. Russ was proud an…

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  • Neithan02

    I Recently stumbled accross this :

    used as "march of tanith_" on youtube but meh.. just imagine, rough riders from tanith .. it owuld fit the culture

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  • Neithan02


    February 23, 2015 by Neithan02

    just saying

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  • Neithan02

    1. horus rising
    2. false gods
    3. galaxy in flames
    4. flight of the eisenstein
    5. fulgrim
    6. descent of angels
    7. legion
    8. battle for the abyss
    9. mechanicum
    10. tales of heresy
    11. fallen angels
    12. a thousand sons
    13. nemesis
    14. first heretic
    15. prospero burns
    16. age of darkness
    17. the outcast dead
    18. deliverance lost
    19. know no fear
    20. the primarchs
    21. fear to tread
    22. shadows of treachery
    23. angel exterminatus
    24. Betrayer
    25. Mark of Calth
    26. Vulcan Lives
    27. Scars
    28. the unremembered empire
    29. Vengeful Spirit
    30. The Damnation of Pythos
    31. legacies of betrayal
    32. deathfire
    33. war without end
    34. Pharos
    35. eye of terra
    36. path of heaven
    37. the silent war
    38. Angels of Caliban
    39. Praetorian of Dorn
    40. Corax
    41. master of mankind
    42. 3
    43. 52
    44. 4
    45. Tallarn

    • Abyssal
    • Angron anthology (after desh'ea, lord of the red sands,butcher's nails)
    • Army of One
    • Aurelian
    • Bjorn - Lone Wolf
    • blades of the traitor
    • Born of Flame
    • Brotherhood of the Moo…

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  • Neithan02

    (in case i have to revert them)

    Preator (space marine)

    marcus avincus

    john grammaticus wargear

    rouge traders

    deathwatch watch commander

    if allowed, still to be updated:

    callidus temple, section wargear

    fire lords section deathwatch service

    erasmus tycho: wargear

    rougue trader section administratum

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