• Freespeech4u2

    DICLAIMER: if you don't agree with my opinions (warhammer or political) don't waster your time reading this.

    okay, any oxygen starved ork boy can see that the warhamemr 40k universe is very metaphorical and allegorical. the question is what for? there are obviously theistic undertones. god-emporer vs.machine-god (jesus vs. allah) dying for your sins, the horus heresey,(Judas)the primarchs,(disciples) the great crusade (jesus great crusade? what else do I call it?) zealous followers,(zealous followers_

    alright, what about the imperial guard? I think they represent the red (russian) army. obviously: commisars, executions, no value of human life, means to an end... not so obvious: americans (space marines) comlain about every casualty, reds (IG…

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