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"You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows"

Verses of Sigismund, Book CIV, Verse I
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Hi! I'm Zixes! I edit articles, add new pages. I also keep in touch with the wiki's community. Of all the factions in the W40K Universe, I'm a big fan on the Inquisiton, because there is no more secret and powerful organisation than His Holy Ordos!

Like some of the people on this wiki, i don't play the game, but I'm a fan of the lore. I find the Sci-fi of W40K much more interesting and bigger than that of the Star Wars, Star Trek and etc... I'm a loyal servant of the Imperium! And the Emperor! Ave Imperator!

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"No world shall be beyond my rule! No enemy shall be beyond my wrath!"

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