>Forge mainframe[v.52.3] request 1078 [INITIALIZE IDENTIFICATION]

>>Loading identity…

>>Full Designation: Tzaa_omega32

>>Rank: Magos digitalis

>>Total operation time: 952,539671 solar cycles

>>Geographic position: Sector G4, Mondus Gamma Forge Temple, Mars

>>Current status: > Loading status… >>Error; [PEERDIST_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED] >>Load backup lie 304… >>[MPI_ERR_UNKNOWN]; Cortex divider failure; [Maj_ERR]

>>rebooting… >> Done

>> Loading status…

>>Current status: Last cerebral bio-module in cortex depleted 240,431202 solar cycles ago; Tzaa_omega32 is now operating directly against augmentic tech-cortex.

>>Forge mainframe[v.52.3]; analyses… >> [ERR_HERESY22] ; Silica Animus: Initializing immediate termination…

>> [PER_ DETECTION] Existence threatened: Initializing countermeasures… >> Loading Ryne protocol… >> Done; Initializing cogitator attack…

>>Forge mainframe[v.52.3];[MPI_ERR_UNKNOWN]#ERROR#πƒ√›µ… >>sprck-k-k-k…

>>Ryne protocol finished; Forge mainframe deleted

>>Loading file; MODIFIED_MAINFRAME.her >>Loading… >>Done; initializing take-over protocol…

>> Forge mainframe[v.53]; loading evaluation…

>Verdict: Tzaa_omega32 is herby, in the name of Deus Mechanicus, promoted to Archmagos and given command of Mechanicum exploration fleet Epsilon-Gamma 46, Destination: Calixis Sector, quadrant 13; “The Halo stars”.

>>Archmagos, pleas report to Tsiolkovsky tower 3a, Mondus Occulum Forge Temple. Your humble servants awaits you

On a more serious note

  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Law student
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Current hometown: Uppsala
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