aka Thomas Love

  • I live in Essex, United Kingdom
  • My occupation is Student, Filmmaker
  • I am Male

Hi! I'm Thomas. I'm a media student from the UK. I love editing wikis and playing 40k. I've been part of the hobby since 3rd edition and I'm still loving it! My main 40k interests are hobbying and the background fluff.

As far as Wiki-ing goes, I'm keen on writing codes and templates to help simplify the Wikia experience and make it more visually appealing. This wiki is bursting with great content and is filled with hard working editor that keep the info up to date! My objective is to improve the look of the wiki and make all this information more accessible.

“If you don't expect gratitude, you'll seldom be disappointed.”
Eyor Dedonki, Memoirs of a Pessimist. 479.M41

“Hard work distracts the mind and occupies the body. It is a noble and worthy thing.”
Imperial propaganda, Space Marine (video game)

“Everything is fine, nothing is broken”
Tech-Adept Arturo Dey'towa, Only War: Core Rulebook
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