About Me

I'm a simple teenager who is intrested in everything related to warhammer 40k.I was introduced in warhammer 40k few years back and every day im trying to learn even more about it.

Primarch Sanguinius.jpg

"None can withstand the revenge of the sons of th Sanguinius."

Sergeant Rafen of the Blood Angels

Within dark and forgotten places hide the enemies of the Emperor. You have been chosen to enter such places and, protected by the best armour the Adeptus Mechanicus can provide, cleanse it. Take with you weapons, a valiant heart and the Emperor's blessing, and engage the enemy where it makes its lair. Acknowledge death as it approaches, but do not succumb to its touch, for your purpose is great. You have proved yourselves to be worthy of the status you now hold. Every one of you standing here, all of whom have declared allegiance to the Emperor and take his will as your guide, have shown your courage and have been rewarded for it. Those that stand before me, I charge you now, go forth and vanquish the foe'''''.

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