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About me

Most of my wiki work is done on the Cyber Nations Wiki where I am an Administrator. Since my "persona" over there is "Rogal Dorn" I thought I would contribute a bit of my wiki knowledge over here as well.

I also operate a semi-automated bot (User:RogalBot) for when I'm using AutoWikiBrowser so I don't clog up the recent changes with minor edits.

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  • {{Wikipedia}} - easy linking to wikipedia pages
  • {{bigcat}} - easy searching through large categories

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Interesting 40k wiki statistics

  • Currently running MediaWiki version: 1.19.24
  • Total number of pages (including templates, talk pages, and the like): 80,536
  • Total number of uploaded files: 24,692
  • Total number of articles: 5,922
  • Number of admins: 4
  • Number of active users: -1
  • Number of articles per active user: -5922
  • Number of pages per active user: -80536
  • Number of files per active user: -24692
  • Number of articles per admin: 1480.5
  • Number of pages per admin: 20134
  • Number of files per admin: 6173
  • Number of active users per admin: -0.25
  • Number of users per admin: 5899829.5
  • Number of articles for every File:0.24 articles
  • Number of non-article pages for every article: 12.599
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