aka DJ

  • I live in The Gorgon's Forge
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is College Student, Freelance Sports Journalist, Custodian/Event Set Up
  • I am Male

About Me


Fear the Beaky, Fear the Iron Hand.

Long time fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, love Black Library material from authors like Abnett, Dembski-Bowden, and McNeill. I've been playing the Fantasy Flight games for awhile now, mostly Dark Heresy. For the Traitor Legions I'm a fan of the Night Lords, Thousand Sons, and Alpha Legion. For Loyalists I really enjoy the Iron Hands and Blood Angels. I'm also really interested in the Blackshields.

My Suggested Pages

Check out all of the pages involving the 1st Claw of the Night Lords 10th Company! 1. because they're some amazing characters and 2. because I helped create many of the pages.

Some of My Favorite Black Library Books (Not in Order)


Blood for the Blood Angels!

  • Blood Angels The Second Omnibus - James Swallow
  • Fulgrim - Graham McNeill
  • A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
  • Betrayer - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • Night Lords Omnibus - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • Fifteen Hours - Mitchel Scanlon
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